New toys

This past week I have been very busy with advising at SSC, but the advising period is now over. Out of 15 students assigned to me, 9 ultimately came to talk with me about their classes for the fall and get their registration papers. They can’t register for classes without getting a registration code from me, and they can’t get the code anywhere else, so I don’t know what those other 5 are up to, but they’ve had a full two weeks to come see me and if they haven’t I’m filing it under Not My Problem.

Anyway, with all of that I’ve been spending a lot more time than usual on campus. Meanwhile, great things have been afoot at home. Such as:

E. has a new car! She’s spent several months doing research and put a good deal of time into taking test drives and comparing offers from dealers. The car she finally settled on is a Nissan Versa. She said that color didn’t matter and ended up getting a silver one, so now we have two silver steeds in our stables.

Yesterday we made a shopping trip to a nearby hardware store to equip ourselves with some tools that we have been lacking for gardening and landscaping, as well as some new work gloves to do it all with.


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One Response to “New toys”

  1. pj Says:

    Wow! I wanna see the new car! And we DO have more outdoor tools to share, if we ever get ourselves consolidated into one place.

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