New furniture

This past week I’ve had to be up and out much earlier than usual to hold advising appointments at SSC. (Frustratingly, hardly any of the students I’m supposed to advise actually come to see me, but I still have to be there just in case they decide to.) Thursday is my day off and I had scheduled no meeting times that day hoping to be able to sleep in. However, we’ve been waiting for a furniture delivery, and they decided to come Thursday morning, so we had to be up and about at eight in case they came by. (As it happened, I could not get myself up, but E. was up and about; in the end, they arrived a little after eleven.)
The upshot of all that, though, is that we have two new sofas in the living room and a nice new rug in the dining room.

Two new sofas in our living room

Two new sofas in our living room

The living room has been rather bare up to now, but the sofas nicely fill up the space and make it much homier. The new rug in the dining room fits the space very well and makes a nice complement to the cool color of the walls.

New rug in the dining room

New rug in the dining room

The weather was very warm and springish and E. and I both spent some time outside hauling rocks. There are several places where the loose soil fill left by the builder is washing out in the rain. When the grass grows in that will help contain the soil, but most places in our yard still are not showing much grass, so we were working on building up some rocks to help hold the soil and break up the flow of rainwater.
In the evening we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens, which turned out not be quite as good as we had hoped, but it was good fun nonetheless.


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One Response to “New furniture”

  1. khj Says:

    Looks nice! I like the couches.

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