More animals

This morning we spotted a gray squirrel poking around at the edge of our woods out back. There’s nothing terribly remarkable about that (I’d be more surprised if we didn’t have squirrels than I was to see one), but it’s the first one we’ve seen here. This fellow had a big fat white belly, almost as fat as the ones we used to see nosing around the trash barrels in the parks in New York. I wonder what he’s been eating all winter to be so roly-poly.

Around lunchtime we had a convention-load of birds in our woods: a gaggle of robins, a blue jay, some crows, and a bunch of little things that might have been chickadees or finches. Together they made a wonderful racket of calls and song.

Up to now there’s been very little sign of animal life in our woods. I wonder what it is that has brought all these critters out all of a sudden.

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