We have had a number of animal sightings since moving into Heather House:

I spotted a handsome white-tailed deer in the woods beside the house not twenty feet from the road one evening as I was arriving home from work. I slowed down to stare in astonishment and it bounded off into the woods. It was a wonderful thing to see and I’m sorry that E. wasn’t there to share it.

We saw a flock of six soaring birds gracefully gliding through the sky overhead. I couldn’t identify them properly, but they looked like hawks. I’ve always thought of birds like those as solitary; I’ve certainly never seen six together before, but they were clearly soaring together.

In the past week crows have started flying around the woods here and making a racket. We’ve heard some songbirds as well, but I haven’t seen them yet, at least not close to the house. Driving out down the road yesterday we spotted a cardinal, though.

We keep hearing flocks of geese honking away as they fly overhead. I’m not surprised if we’re on a migration route, being right next to a pond, I just hope they don’t decide to spend a night on our lawn any time.

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